Tacx Trainers | Vortex Smart

The Vortex was Tacx’s first interactive Smart trainer. The electric brake makes this trainer highly accessible and ideal for keeping in tip-top condition during the winter.

True cycling feeling
The electro brake of the Vortex generates a realistic cycling feeling while offering all interactive functionalities.

950W power
7% max. slope

Unique dual material roller
The roll that places the resistance on your rear wheel is made from two materials: a hardened steel sleeve with a soft core of elastogel. The steel sleeve prevents wear of the trainer, while the elastomer absorbs vibrations to reduce noise.

Compatible software
Tacx Smart trainers use the ANT+ FE-C protocol for communication which allows them to be controlled by third-party software. The software receives the speed, cadence and power from the trainer and controls the brake. Click on more information for an explanation of the compatibility and functions of each software package.

Additional information about the Vortex Smart trainer is available on the Tacx website. Come in to Bicycles Plus today to learn more about the trainer and try it for yourself!